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Bathroom Facilities (12004)Zehnder (789)Zehnder Aura Electric (18)Zehnder Tetris (8)Zehnder Zeta Electric (14)Zehnder Accessories (4)Zehnder Alban (3)Zehnder Archibald (2)Zehnder Arteplano (44)Zehnder Aura (22)Zehnder Bluebell (4)Zehnder Charleston (186)Zehnder Charleston Electric (7)Zehnder Chime (3)Zehnder Deseo Verso (6)Zehnder Fina Lean Bar (9)Zehnder Folio Belt (9)Zehnder Folio Glass (6)Zehnder Folio Hybrid (4)Zehnder Forma Spa (20)Zehnder Impa (6)Zehnder Kazeane (16)Zehnder Klaro (21)Zehnder Kleo (8)Zehnder Kleo Bar (5)Zehnder Metropolitan (26)Zehnder Nobis (3)Zehnder Nova (36)Zehnder Quaro (18)Zehnder Roda (84)Zehnder Roda Spa Asym (6)Zehnder Samika (1)Zehnder Silent (4)Zehnder Stalox (6)Zehnder Subway (43)Zehnder Virando (AB) (10)Zehnder Virando Bow (ABT) (10)Zehnder Vision (16)Zehnder Vitalo (16)Zehnder Yucca (21)Zehnder Yucca asymmetric (42)Zehnder Zcv2 (1)Zehnder Zenia (10)Zehnder Zeta (11)Isan (386)Novaservis (170)Ravak (1055)Riho (621)Roth (163)Jika (305)Laufen (765)Eden CZ (68)Hansgrohe (1747)Kaldewei (425)Krajcar (848)SanSwiss (1445)ArtCeram (100)Roca (187)Alcaplast (173)Donner (4)Ellux (76)Geberit (14)Hueppe (228)Le Bon (525)Oras (71)PolySystem (146)Rubidea (72)Sanitec (1539)Sanjet (5)Sanotti (5)Santech (15)Vagnerplast (57)Office equipment (3788)Home Furniture (1172)Heating systems - fireplaces, stoves, radiators (3090)Doors for interiors and furniture (402)Kitchen Equipment (85)School Furniture (327)Accessories (476)Cloakroom equipment (3)Lamps (2)

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4.6.2024 – Isan - range update 06/2024
The >Isan< brand has expanded its range of 3D models with the series Akros one, and expanded the offer in the Calypso, Miro and Akros with a hook series. There are currently 386 models available in aco, dwg, max, 3ds, dxf, o2c, skp, obj formats.

29.5.2024 – AEC-DATA 10.000.000
24.5.2024 at 16:06 a user from Germany downloaded the file 10st Perseus which was 10,000,000 in the order of file downloads from the server

29.4.2024 – Novaservis - Metalia 54 series
Novaservis brand introduced a new series of taps >Metalia 54< .

12.3.2024 – Users of the AEC-DATA server
The AEC-DATA server is used by a wide range of architects, planners and designers. We publish data usage statistics on the server according to the 3D software that users use. ArCon 41%, AutoCAD 7%, 3D studio 7%, Sketchup 6%, other software (ArchiCAD, Revit, Pro 100, Cad decor, Spirit, Alllplan ...) 39%. The server is used by users in 106 countries.

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