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15.5.2020 – Ravak - update 05/2020
The Ravak brand has expanded its range of 3D models with the sanitary ware and the water plumbing batteries.

11.5.2020 – Zehnder - update 05/2020
Zehnder's offer includes new 3D models in the series: Vision, Bluebell, Diva, Truva, Zeta, Kazeane.

20.3.2020 – Prowork - series Therapia Sense and Standi
Brand > Prowork < has released two new series of Therapia Sense and Standi with 3D chair models.

2.3.2020 – Riho - update 02/2020
The brand Riho has expanded its range of 3D models with a new series of shower enclosures > Grid < and about new bathtubs and shower trays.

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